Saturday, September 5, 2015

New Print Collection Out!

This month my new offering is another print collection of four stories previously only available in ebook format. These, like my last collection (Daring Directions, released in July) are four tales that all are close to my heart.
Duty and Daring Vol 2 by Deirdre O'Dare,

They have in common a theme I visited in a prior collection, Duty and Daring, so this batch is Duty and Daring Vol 2. (Real original LOL!)  Another connection among the four tales is that all of them are set in New Mexico. If you have read more than one or two of my stories you know that setting is almost a secondary character in most of them. I find the atmosphere and ambiance of a place has a major impact on what happens there and how the characters live and respond to the events that unfold. For a long time the bulk of my work was set in Arizona which was my home for the longest part of my life. Then I spent a couple of years in Colorado, my second time there, and set some tales in that state. Now I live in southern New Mexico and guess what, I'm writing adventures set around my new home! I believe Rez Dogs was one of the first that I wrote here.

You may have read one or more of these but if not here is a chance to get all of them at once and on sale for a short while as a new release. Below  to refresh your memory are the four covers. I love almost every cover that the amazingly talented Trace Edward Zaber does for my stories but these are some real faves. I especially like Red Tails--those eyes!!  I'd chase that guy around the hanger even if he is gay! Hey, I'm a tomboy!

Do you really want an excerpt snippet of each story? I am inclined not to do it because you can find them on my page at Amber Quill and a brief blurb at the site URL given above where the book is for sale. If you whine, maybe I will, just a teensy bit of each one!! But why not just buy the book!?!?

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