Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Lied

Yep, I admit it. I lied although totally unintentionally. I did say that the release dates for paperbacks is kind of iffy and depends on a lot of things all getting done exactly on a schedule. SO Daring Directions missed a May release by a few days. It is now available at Amazon or through my page at Amber Quill --that is at I just ordered a few copies and will sell them at the list price of $13.50 plus postage, signed of course! Email me at to order from me.

As I said earlier, this collection is four of my special  and different tales--Homless in Heaven, Last Train to Clarkdale, A Different Drummer and Game of Hearts. Each one is special to me for one reason or another and each takes place in a different southwestern state: in order, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Texas/New Mexico! Even knowing all of my lead characters were gay, I was half in love with them as they told me their stories so I could transcribe them. Eight very unique and fabulous men here!

At any rate, if you have missed one or more of these tales which have all been released in electronic format over the last couple of years, here they are all in a group and in a keeper copy for no more really than the downloads would be if you got each one separately! So check it out.

Here is the cover again and then the individual covers for each story. I lvoe the artwork. AQs cover artist is totally awesome and has an uncanny ability to capture my vision about 90% of the time! Last Train is my fave of this batch.

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