Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Game of Hearts is out today!

The Silver Foxes PAX has been released and you can find it on the Amber Quill home page for awhile as new releases. I blogged about it on both the Amber Quill Author's Blog and the PAX blog. That having been done I don't think I will do more here than to say it's out there and I am waiting on more pins and needles than usual for reviews to come it. I'm just a little afraid it may be too outre for some folks. But then again, maybe not!

Here is a shot of me with the baby brother whose untimely death was one of the inspirations for A Game of Hearts. I signed organ donor permission after he had passed suddenly from an aneruysm. By then he was grown but just starting on his career as an attorney.

Anyway the URLS for those other blogs are:

AQ Authors:
Amber PAX: http://amberpax/

As I think I said, I'm not sure when my next story will be available but it is part of a PAX about the Sixties. That was a decade where many changes came about and events left their mark on many of us who lived it as kids or young adults. The title of my tale is Midnight Cowboys and I explain that in an author's note and will elaborate here as well when the release date gets closer.

I'm almost done with yet another PAX story, this one for Heavy Petting II, where animals belonging to one or more of the principals play important parts in the story. For once the animal or animals in my story are not dogs! I chose to write some mules into this one and the title is The Mule Man. Anyone who follows my fourds blog ( knows I worked with mules in my earlier days and still have a fondness for the long eared equine family members. I'll tell you more about that in time too!

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