Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm still here--and have some news!

Yes, I have been way too quiet lately. I can only plead a bit of the down cycle of my mild bi-polar and the SAD impact that hits me even here in the southwest desert. I miss the sun as its hours of shining shorten and when the cooler temps and some storms come, it is hard not to hibernate. Maybe I was a bear in a previous incarnation!

Anyway, Last Train to Clarkdale has been out for several weeks now and seems to be doing well. My next PAX story has been submitted but I am not sure yet when its release date will be. I do not have a cover for it yet either but my readers here will be the first to learn about it, I promise. The title is Wrenching and it will be part of a PAX group which all take place or at least begin with something that happens in a garage! It was a kind of off-the-wall idea but I think we've come up with some neat and unusual tales. Hey, with the great writers that participate in these packages of themed stories, you can count on that!

And one more bit of news, this for Gwynn Morgan. I'm not sure the exact date yet but I'm going to have a novel out in January! This one was briefly published by the now closed Treble Heart Books about ten years ago but has been out of print for a long time. The old title was Healing Hearts and it is now called Hearts to Heal. Yes, it is a medical romance of sorts since the hero is an orthopedic surgeon and the heroine an EMT who aspires to be a doctor but a lot of the story takes place in other than hospital or doctor's office venues! I do have a cover and it is perfect! Here is a sneak peek at it. I'll be posting some excerpts and offering a giveaway or two as the release date nears. Stay tuned!

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