Thursday, September 12, 2013

Check this out!

Hey, I am interviewed this week at the Amber PAX blog! Click out to to learn more about me and about our great five-story collections that sell at a discount for the group. There are links to the past and current collections and news on the upcoming plus author interviews and more.

And if you leave a comment there this month you could win a $25 gift certificate good for some wonderful reads at the Amber Quill site. The offerings there are many and varied from a wide range of general and genre fiction on the basic Amber Quill page to erotic hetero romances at Amber Heat and LGBT romance at Amber Allure. I actually have featured works on all three so whatever your taste you could get something of mine!

Go to and work your way through all the pages. For Deirdre you can visit either or for my 'hotties' of all kinds. My Amber Quill books are under Gwynn Morgan's author name and include two of my favorite 'western' set novels, a modern suspense/ adventure The Man In Black, and a time travel, Back to Tomorrow. Come January a revision/reissue of my 'broken leg story', Hearts to Heal, will be there too! It is a kind of medical romance with an sailing adventure thrown in as well!

And watch this site for more about the upcoming October Pax, All Aboard with five delish train-themed stories!! I don't have a cover yet for Last Train to Clarkdale but here's the collection cover. I'm drooling on my keyboard!! A train and a yummy hunk:what's not to love??

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