Friday, June 21, 2013

What's Happening?

It's been a crazy month. Since I last posted I suffered a lengthy bout with a very severe eye inflammation issue that had me stumbling around close to legally blind for several days. I could not drive, read or use the computer at all. I could barely get around the house and use the facilities or pour a glass of water! That was scary but my eye doctor prescribed some powerful and expensive eye drops that eventually cleared it up. That happened barely in time to allow me to make a trip to Arizona and attend one of my old high school's multi-year reunions that happen every five years. I had missed 2008 so I really did want to make this one. And I did--I had a great time and reconnected with some folks I had not seen in many. many years and drove through some gorgeous New Mexico and Arizona scenery coming and going. It was a fine trip. I even got in a bit of research for my next writing project which is titled The Last Train to Clarkdale! More on that later.

Just as my eyes went bonkers, I did manage to get my Gothic story turned in and it will be coming out in July, probably the third weekend since that is the normal release date for the new PAX collections. Gothics Galore will be the July offering. And my contribution to it is Dark and Stormy. We have covers, too! And as always they are just gorgeous! Here they are. Pretty moody, tasty and enticing, no?

I'll give you all more about Dark and Stormy in the next couple of weeks and also some sneak peeks at Last Train as it starts to take shape. You know I am a rail fan and at least one of my heroes for this story is too. And he takes a life changing trip on a real excursion train that operates in the north end of Arizona's beautiful Verde Valley where I was blessed to live through my childhood and growing up years. And I did take the trip, not this time but back in 2007 I think it was. If the old saw of write what you know holds true, this should be a good story with a lot of realistic atmosphere. And I already love both my guys in it!

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