Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not dead yet!

I've just been busy! The Sorcerer's Apprentice will be coming out next weekend, the 21st or thereabouts along with four other stories focused on "Making  Magic" which is the title of the Amber PAX of which they are a part. You don't want to miss this fun group celebrating Halloween and El Dia de los Muertos!

Since I last checked in, I finished and submitted another story in my Thin Green Line series about the 9new and improved?) US Border Patrol, the part that goes after the real outer space and otehr realm type aliens! It is called Druid in Drag and will feature a guy I really fell for--even if he is gay--and his special personal alien! It will be released early in December so more on that soon. And in November my 'fractured fairy tale, Hanson and Graber: The Price of Magic will be coming out. So I have not been resting on my laurels or anything like that!

Here are a few spots I'll be the rest of this month:
            World Romance Readers chat--a quick pop-in only on Oct 14 EST
            Amber Quill Blog--October 16, all day
            Talking Tulips Chat on Oct 17--10-11 EST
             Love Romance Cafe Chat Oct 24, 9-10 EST
Today I am dropping by the new release party at The Romance Studio and on Monday, November 5 I will be hosting my regular gig at Coffee Time Romance and More, Book Brew with the Coffee Crew where our theme for the month will be Some Like It HOT!! Hope to see many friends and fans at one or all of these!


  1. Hopping over from the TRS site...the books sound great, and thanks for mentioning the events!


  2. I was hopping over from the TRS site and thanks for the link
    I really like the cover of your book do paint or take picture I wish you great success on all your books
    Have a nice evening and wonderful TGIF
    great work enjoy reading that excerpt


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